by Begging for Incest

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released November 4, 2016

Recorded at WHITE ROOM STUDIOS by Ramon Smith
Artwork by Nemesis Design



all rights reserved


Begging for Incest Köln, Germany

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Track Name: Awakening in Nothingness
Track Name: Apathetic Loss of Dignity
Dying in the arms of devastation
Burning in the truth of perfection
Absurdity consumed with imperceptible tyranny
Oppression by prophets of peace and justice
Greed over conscience ‘til we wake up homeless on continents our fathers conquered
A world without substance feeling so superior
Baseness trickling on the wastelands we create – servile!
Celebrating demise of morals and ethics – apathetic loss of dignity
Getting enmeshed in eternal illusions
This is where they want us to be!
Washing all our thoughts of passion – to lay still deceived – submission
Idolizing supreme forces while trampling down creation
Vast crusade against our bequest
Denial their visions of paradise, rebel for righteousness
Track Name: Katharsis
Fallen into unpredictable sphere
A desert of emptiness widens in my head
Between these spaces of no return
At a place you can’t describe
Where all these things pretend to be - And all I have sound clean and free
There is something in the dark
That makes me feel related to the things I can’t destroy
Inside this captivating darkness
You hear the voice you can’t face
Where all these dreams supposed to be
In the moment you can’t focus
And all that have seemed dark and cold – There is nothing at all
That makes me feel rejected - To the things I didn’t create
With blinding eyes above suspicion
The taste of dark is in my voice
Face the fact of life - Face the fact of dark
With blinding eyes above ourselves
The voice you can’t face will take your last breath
Track Name: Perished in Defiled Chambers (feat. Luke)
Perished and forgotten, burnt in doubtless shame
Lifeless body, poisoned soul, slowly rotten
A life in sins, driven by devil’s heart
It’s in me as much (as) in you
Only the plague will remain
Captive in your hell – overplayed and overrated
False purity, something greater will break that shitty shell
Out of the darkened red, out of your goddamn head
I will take what is mine!
One last bloody shine and you’ll be gone
You’re the creator, the reason why this monster was born
A nature failure – god’s regret
These eyes will deceive you, destroy you – take your innocence
Your pride and definitely your soul!
You will be no more – rest in gore
Track Name: Constrained to Operate
Your ignorance is nothing more but an affirmation of surrender
Epidemic devours our world – extinguished civilizations by your master’s hand
Blood red will flood these empty streets!
By no graceful look – no charming smile
This cold heart, blinded race – destined to die
Vicious dominion – no time to say goodbye
Constrained to operate – in a brutal system
Selective deceit – the way of command structure
A life – beyond all sympathy
Scorched earth – anguish prevail
Bow down with grieve and mashed by delusions
This veil of darkness pierce – petrify that one freedom longing heart
Beyond that burning red horizon a whole new dimension exists!
Constrained to operate – in a brutal system
Selective deceit – the way of command structure
Epidemic devours our world
Blood red will flood these empty streets
This cold heart, blinded race destined to die
Track Name: Induced Decay
Open up the gates of hell!
This delusional blackened power punctures curses and rapes through our veins
Mystification the seed of greed
Miserable bequest – harrowing existence
Embodiment of abhorrent presence
Beating on death’s door, filling silence with agonizing roar
Perceptible decay of humanity
Hypocritical dignity – psychological putridity
As the time burns within existence
The virus of life becomes the implement of destruction
I feel the rage is rising and I know there is nothing stopping me from changing what is almost here
Unlock the door – pray, it’s finally over
There is nothing left of me
It’s grabbing on to what’s left of this hole
It’s all too real!
Mankind, the revolution has taken torment to a new level of suffering
At the end of all times
The virus becomes my own.
Track Name: Dictating the Masses
Your belief in god leaves so many questions
The answers bleeding in your wounds
Left behind these defiled chambers
You’re praying – denying the truth
Demand absolution, annihilation of your spirits
Deep down inside – to live this lies
While your sinners freeze to death
No more holy prayers – no more true beliefs
Will guide you through the light
Smell the stench of unforgiveness
Mental influence is the weapon unholy people fear
But the decay of your soul is building any strength in heaven
The paradise of your globally, oligarchy lunacy
The endeavor to dictate lives
Let you live these artificial dreams
Illusions in front of your eyes – made by your masters’ hand
Cursing my words, your way of defense
Cursing my words, the art of covering up
Cursing my words, any kind of confirmation
To curse the world has always been your goal
Track Name: An Inner Sanctum
The beast in man is unleashed in ecstasy of blood
Human lunacy in the name of god
All hell shall rise on earth the myth of a meaning so lost and forgotten
With numb protagonist mystified by absurdity itself
Deliverance – ignorance within your bliss
Tamed are the masses dastardly rotting in virtual dungeons
Where profanity takes its place and buried in oblivion
To be one with man I must be false to myself
Welcome the darkness – An inner sanctum you do not understand
Endless insanity at the edge of all pain and pleasure
Towards the burning sky – death and dying all around you